We all want to achieve better results in less time, with fewer aches and pains. So what is the best way to do this? And it is effective?

The quick answer is YES! Yes, it is possible to achieve better results in less time IF you are smart about your workout. Here are some strategies to help you workout SMARTER!

Tip #1 - High-Intensity Interval Training

There is an ever growing body of evidence showing that HIIT workouts are superior to traditional cardio training in almost every conceivable way.

Let’s be real, you can’t go 110% for an hour or even 45 minutes. If you think you can, most likely you aren’t going to that high intensity. But if you can go high intensity for 20 seconds then break for 10 seconds and repeat this for 8 rounds! If you have ever been in one of our Cycle w/ Bands or Split classes, then you know what I’m talking about - TABATAS!! These high-intensity intervals can get your heart rate higher than trying to go high intensity for 4 minutes straight. In addition, you have a reduced chance of overuse injuries, have greater improvements to the cardio-vascular system, increased fat loss due to increased levels of EPOC  (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), and increased total body strength! This type of workout is easier on your body, is better at improving the function of your heart & lungs and will help make you stronger and leaner more efficiently than cardio training.

Sounds pretty smart to me! Try one of our Cycle w/ Bands, Split or Bodhi classes (yep, we sneak them in here too!)  to do this type of training.

Tip #2 - Movements not Muscles

I know we have all seen the person at the gym sitting on a bench doing bicep curls. And although it's great people are being active, this type of exercise neglects the fact that your body works as a whole not a collection of isolated muscles. When you run, jump, bend & stretch, your body works as a team…calling on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc as they are needed. If you want a fit & healthy body that performs as well as possible, ditch the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout and start focusing on integrated movements.

You know when you are in a Purely Reformer class that it's about keeping your core engaged while working your arms or legs. Or finding your balance when doing lunges in Defy's Bodhi classes.

It is SMARTER and more effective to be working multiple muscle groups at the same time! That’s how our bodies want to work!

Tip #3 - Joint Mobility

Just about everybody knows that it is important to stretch your muscles…but do you know why? Why are tight muscles bad?

Tight muscles are bad because they throw off the natural balance between opposing muscle groups which can lead to pain, muscle & joint dysfunction, injury, orthopedic surgery and even more pain.

Okay, now that I know that…..what’s next?

The Reformer is a great choice because your muscles are consistently engaging and stretching. Another great option is our NEW Foam Roller Fit class that you spend time rolling out practically every muscle in your body. This will help joint mobility, body alignment, reduce pain, keep your muscles supple & strong and perform at your absolute best.

After you have learned a few tricks, invest in a foam roller, therapy balls or some other tool to help to soften up tight tissues. Then you just need to be consistent and stretching your muscles in a smarter, more effective way. But if you need more motivation make sure you sign up for Laura’s Friday 9:30 am Foam Roller Fit Class!

You don't need to spend half of your day at the gym, use these tips and workout SMARTER!

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