We all have the tendency to do the things that we are good at and postpone or modify doing the things we don't like or don't think we are good at.  It’s human nature! We try to avoid failure and looking foolish.

However, if you’re trying to get stronger, faster, leaner, happier, smarter, etc, etc, etc…you NEED to start putting your focus on your weaknesses. Get a little uncomfortable and get outside your comfort zone.

  • Hate planks?
  • Don’t sit them out. Work on them. Start with small reps and increase your duration each day!
  • Have a chronically sore back?
  • Start your workouts off by stretching the hip flexors, work on building more core strength and mobilizing you tight lower back muscles.
  • Need to get faster / quicker for your sport?
  • Stop lifting weights like a bodybuilder and start working for speed or cardio endurance.

When you improve your weaknesses you simultaneously improve your strengths. We have seen it again and again and again here at DEFY!

Tip #5 - Bands

Resistance training is a great way to work out smarter. It strengthens your muscles while also stretching and lengthening them, something you do not get from weight training. It creates well defined lean muscles not bulky ones.