The Busy Person’s Workout

Strength Training or Cardio?!

Our lives are so full with work, family, friends, and just life. So when you've only got an hour to workout you want to spend your time efficiently and maximize your results. What is the best way to spend this hour? Is is strength training or should I just do cardio?

Well at Defy Gravity we have answered that question for you in our signature Split class! This high intensity one hour class you get the best of both worlds. Whether you are trying to slim down or tone up it is important to have both workouts part of your training program.

The American Council on Exercise and researchers at Western State Colorado University recently did some research, and they’ve discovered exactly how you need to structure your workout in order to get the most out of it. Here’s what they did: 24 men and women between 18 and 39 years old were asked to perform 24 exercise sessions of every possible workout order combining cardiorespiratory exercise, resistance exercise, neuromotor (agility, speed, and balance) exercise, and flexibility exercise.

So, what order worked best? Cardio first, followed by resistance training and then flexibility and neuromotor exercises in either order. When the participants performed cardiorespiratory exercise first, the average heart rate increased less than when it was performed last. That’s a good thing, says study author Lance Dalleck, Ph.D., because too-vigorous exercise can lead to injury and increased risk of cardiac issues. And, doing resistance training second maximizes its effectiveness without making it feel too hard (score!).

If you want to maximize your workout, remember cardio comes first.

We implemented this science into our signature Split class. The class starts with a 30 minute cycle ride with high intensity intervals, hills, and sprints. Our cycle classes are different than the current trend of dancing on the bike, which research has proven decreases your cardio and caloric output. Defy focuses on results and maximizing your effort - while keeping the fun and the driving beat going! Then comes the Bodhi. This one-of-a kind Bodhi Suspension, also known as the suspension-Pilates workout, perfectly combines strength, balance, flexibility and unique core conditioning. Spend 30 minutes sweating, sculpting and suspending on the world’s first 4 point suspension system - 2 handles and 2 foot loops on two independent ropes. This workout is loved by supermodels and NFL players alike.

The Split truly is a full body workout.

Next time when you ask yourself cardio or strength training? Now you don't have to choose. The answer is The Split!!

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