RECOVERY+RESET for better a YOU!!

Your time is important and most of us don't have a lot of it. You want to get the most out of your workout.  A little change of perspective might be the key.  To help get the most out of a workout it actually starts before your last workout. It starts during recovery. To make sure you are reaching your maximum potential and your muscles are ready to work, try these tips to speed your recovery and reset your body.

5 tips for a better recovery.

1. Get more sleep.

Many studies suggest sleep deprivation can have significant negative effects on performance and recovery. Sleep is also prime time for the body to undergo protein synthesis, so getting extra zzzs after a tough workout might make for stronger muscles and better endurance.

2. Drink lots of water.

Better recovery could be just a glass (or two, or three…) away. Exercising while dehydrated can cause greater damage to muscles and reduce the body’s ability to repair itself. Before reaching for Gatorade, however, know that H2O is often enough for many individuals looking to replenish fluids.

3. Make foam rolling your friend.

Much of the soreness that goes along with exercise occurs when our muscles and fascia —connective tissue running throughout the body—become knotted. Rolling out muscles with a foam rollers—a form of self-myofascial release —can help remove those knots and prevent muscle imbalances from forming. While not exactly noted for its comfort, the benefits are worth it.

4. Eat a little protein before your workout.

Amino acids are the building blocks of tissue, and we consume protein to give our bodies enough to rebuild and maintain muscles damaged during workouts. Having a little protein before working out can trigger our bodies to start muscle synthesis (repairing and building more muscle) throughout and even after hitting the weights.

5. Eat something with protein post-workout, too.

Sensing a trend here when it comes to protein? While a protein-rich snack can get the body ready for a great workout, sipping on a protein smoothie or eating a protein-filled meal can ensure the body has enough fuel to keep on rebuilding throughout the day.

A little rest, a little recovery makes your workouts more efficient and worth your time. Let's start working out smarter, not just harder.

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