The Steps to Better Intentions

So you understand Intentions and you are ready to set Intentions for 2017! So here are some great tips to help!

Step 1. Clarify how you want fitness to fit into your life.

Ask yourself these key questions: What would your ideal day look like? How much of your time would be dedicated to fitness or activities that support your active lifestyle like stretching, sleeping, or eating nutritious foods? What do you need to get from today’s workout in particular? Maybe you’re fired up and ready to knock out some hills in a cycle class. Or perhaps you’re completely drained from an emotional day at work and just need to shake off some bad energy. Get honest and clear about what would serve you best right now, regardless of what your training plan prescribes or ego expects of you.

Step 2. Identify and name the feelings you want to experience now.

Clearly articulating the feeling you want to experience during today’s workout will crystallize it in your mind so that it’s easier to remember while you exercise. It could be a simple as a word like “moving,” “powerful,” or “relaxed.” Choose one word or phrase to describe how you want to feel during the workout.

Step 3. Determine what type of workout would help you achieve that feeling.

Regardless of what type of workout you have planned, be honest about whether it’s the best choice for you today, given what else is going on in your life. For example, you’re supposed to do a Bodhi class, but you’re still sore and achy from yesterday’s Pilates workout and not feeling especially motivated. You decide that today’s intention is to take cycle class for a mindful ride and to work out those sore muscles.

Step 4. Stay focused on maintaining your intention.

So you start that cycle class focused on thoughts of relaxed rhythm and release any thoughts or expectations that don’t support that intention. For example, ruminating about a conflict at home or stressful situation at the office won’t help you find the relaxed rhythm you seek. What if, after 15 minutes, you lose the relaxed rhythm and struggle to keep going? You have a choice of whether to honor your intention or push yourself to end. Don’t let ego convince you to dishonor your intention by pushing yourself to exhaustion when you don’t want to.

By honoring your intentions, you prioritize your values and desires over the end goal. This ensures that training is sustainable on a daily basis. This fluid and intuitive training approach feels easier because it fits seamlessly with the rest of your life and its constantly changing demands and circumstances. As you fulfill your intentions on a daily basis, success occurs frequently rather than only when you reach the race finish line. Little changes make a big difference and create lasting change!

Be The Best Version Of Yourself!!

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