Defy’s Total Body Reset

I am sure by now you have heard the buzz about our upcoming program -

Defy's Total Body Reset!

The program is about becoming the best version of yourself! It is not about deprivation but rather filling your body with REAL, WHOLE, CLEAN foods and AMAZING workouts. Defy has teamed up with Nutrivenience, the 100% vegan, organic nutrient dense meal service that nourishes the entire body that's delivered right to your door! We are setting our sights on Real Results. So we've combined Defy Workout (3x per week - minimum) with a fantastic nutritional program to bring those resolutions to results. If you are not sure about which classes to take or how to improve a move - ask your Defy coach! We are here to help you!

Cleansing your body with food allows your body to purify and regenerate while still having the stamina to go about your day and workouts feeling energized, not depleted. Regular cleansing as part of a healthy active lifestyle can help you reach your fitness goals. With the meals delivered right to your door, it makes it easy to eat clean.

Defy Gravity will help you CREATE and construct the body you’ve been waiting for. Yes, you will work hard and challenge yourself with a combination of uniquely designed classes to achieve your goals. Defy will inspire you to CONNECT with your mind using proper form and depth of quality, both physically and mentally, to accelerate your total body transformation. Defy Gravity is your COMMUNITY. We’ve created a welcoming and comfortable place to share with others by focusing on teamwork and fun in a supportive environment. Defy’s team of high caliber and motivating instructors will inspire you, one plank and sprint at a time, to become the best version of yourself!

The program runs January 15 through February 11. You will not want to miss this Total Body Reset! Start 2018 off right, feeling amazing, looking amazing, and being the BEST YOU!!

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