Defy’s Total Body Reset Testimonial #4 – Shayna

Our next review is from Shayna! She LOVED Defy's Total Body Reset! It was wonderful for her to set the tone for the year on such a high note with a program that was tasty and so enjoyable.

Shayna noticed differences in her body! She saw the most change in that one month then she had seen her body in years. Not only did her clothes fit her better but her family and friends noticed too! And to top it off, her skin was glowy and bright!

Typically when people do a "cleanse" their energy level is low. But Shayna said that she sustained "happy energy" throughout the day with no mid-day crashes, restlessness or slumps. She was still able to workout hard or easy as she wanted. Never did she feel she would run out of energy for her workout.

She started with 3 Pilates classes a week because she was just getting back into the swing of things. But as the weeks went on, she bumped up to 4 classes a week. And she has been able to maintain these workouts even post Reset including cycling!

We asked her if she would do the Reset again, here is what she said:

"Yes. Absolutely. 100%. I think I have asked Shannon and Laura every other week since the end of the last Total Body Reset 'when we can do it again!"

Join Shayna on April 30th for Defy's Total Body Reset 2.0!

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