Defy’s Total Body Reset Testimonial #3 – Danielle

These awesome reviews of the Defy Total Body Reset keep coming in! And we love hearing about your experience.

Our next review is from Danielle. Danielle is busy! She works, is a wife and a mom to a high energy 5-year-old boy. So one of her top priorities in doing Defy's Total Body Reset was to keep her energy levels high. And in fact, the greatest benefit of the Reset was that her overall energy level increased. Working and raising an active boy had left Danielle in "permanent exhaustion mode". During the Reset it was the first time in years that she has felt energized, healthy and well rested. Danielle said she slept like a baby during the Reset. She contributes it to the combination of clean eating and working out consistently.

The workouts during the Reset became a pleasure and invigorating for Danielle. She was able to increase her cardio and tackle new insecurities aka the BODHI! The Bodhi class was her biggest hurdle and now she LOVES it! The workouts were so addictive and enjoyable she started taking back to back classes. Go Danielle! She felt encouraged and empowered by the whole experience and supported by the instructors here at Defy Gravity.

The food from Nutrivenience was far beyond what she expected. The taste and the quality was superb! Danielle noticed "a remarkable difference in my skin and eyes. The whites of my eyes have never been brighter and my skin had a glow and was hydrated".

Danielle can't wait for Defy's Total Body Reset 2.0 starting April 30th. You should join her! Closing here is a direct quote from Danielle:

"Thank you! For introducing me to The Total Body Reset. And having the BEST studio I have ever been to! It is always a pleasure to walk thru your doors."

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