Defy’s Total Body Reset Testimonial #2- Sabrina

Defy's Total Body Reset was amazing! We had so many participants receive such great results! If you haven't read our first testimonial about Lee, I highly encourage you do! Lee had a great experience and she lost an incredible 14 pounds on Defy's Total Body Reset!!

Our 2nd testimonial is just as impressive! Sabrina Newton is one of our amazing instructors here at Defy. But before she became a teacher she was a student. Sabrina came to us as a certified Barre & Cycling Instructor and all round amazing person.  Her high energy made her a perfect fit for Bodhi, Cycling and Defy!

It was important for Sabrina to keep her energy up while she was doing the Nutrivenience Cleanse. And she did! What she didn't expect and noticed almost right away was that her energy level stayed high and actually leveled out, so she didn't have her typical afternoon slump. Sabrina even felt energized enough from the meals that she didn't need a snack before her workouts. This is saying a lot because in addition to teaching at Defy, she plays tennis almost every day!

Sabrina loved the food! "The sauces were amazing and incredibly flavorful". It was hard for her to pick just one favorite but the Cauliflower Rice Stirfry was definitely one of her favorites. She also noticed her food cravings change. While she normally craves chocolate and wine,  by the 2nd week of the Cleanse her sugar cravings had stopped.

Sabrina was excited to do the 80/20 plan of eating, where you eat clean/vegan 80% of the time and 20% of the time eat how you want. She felt it gave her balance and it has been something that she has been able to maintain. She looking forward to next Defy Total Body Reset!!

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