Defy’s Total Body Reset Testimonial #1

I am sure you have heard the buzz and seen the results of Defy's Total Body Reset!

It was a 4-week program of eating clean meals prepared by Nutrivenience and nutritional juices by Project Juice, a minimum of 3 workouts a week. 5 days of eating the clean, vegan meals and 2 days eating what you want. This is a 80/20 plan way of eating that we at Defy love.  We had a great group of Gravity Defiers that completed the challenge. We talked with Defy Member Lee Glover to share her experience and results.

First off, Lee said she loved it and the food tasted great! Especially the sauces. The food was different than what she was used to but exciting. The first week was rough but after that she stopped craving junk food and cheese. Lee said she would have one piece of cheese on her days off of the cleanse. Her daughters said her skin looked amazing and Lee lost 14 pounds over the 4 week challenge!

Her energy level was great! And she felt great doing her usual Defy workouts.

Lee said she would definitely do the challenge again!

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