Defy 60: Our NEWEST Class!

Question:  What can you accomplish in 60 minutes at Defy?

Answer:    EVERYTHING!

Cycle, Bodhi, Reformer. We've combined everything that is unique to Defy and put it ONE dynamic, calorie busting class. That's Defy 60.

You know that we are RESULTS driven at Defy. And our newest addition, Defy 60, absolutely delivers.

Start your calorie drive with 30 minutes of CYCLE

Follow it with 20 minutes of our one-of-a kind BODHI SUSPENSION. Sculpt and tone every inch of your body, while creating an AFTER BURN to keep burning those calories long after you've walked out the door.

And then finish with a restorative stretch on the REFORMER to lengthen out all those muscles.

We've introduced Defy 60 to our morning crowd. Thursdays at 6:00AM. It's called       "Defy 60:Early Birds". If that's a bit too early for you, don't worry! Defy 60 will be making a full debut on the schedule in January.

60 Minutes. 3 Amazing Workouts Under 1 Roof. REAL RESULTS.









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