What you didn’t know about Shannon!!

If you don't know Shannon, you should!! She is one of the two amazing owners and founders of Defy Gravity. She has been teaching group fitness for over 20 years including step aerobics, cycling, Pilates, and now Bodhi. Her classes are energetic, fast paced and fun! She lives walking distance away from the studio, Alabama alumni (Roll Tide!), and supporter of her husband's cooking. Here are some other questions we asked Shannon.
1. Why did you decide to open Defy Gravity?
Laura and I decided to open Defy a few years after we met while teaching Pilates on Balboa Island. Before I moved to CDM, I was a Group Exercise director in San Francisco and was programming classes. I LOVE group classes! I get inspired by the other people in the room and love to be part of a community. My two favorite things are Cycling and Pilates (and now Bodhi!!). I think they compliment each other perfectly. And I saw first hand how it changed my body in terms of strength, endurance, balance - everything improved. When I moved here, there wasn’t any place that was doing Pilates and Cycling together, and certainly no one had the type of combo class like the Split. I wanted to create a space that people could come together, have fun, inspire each other and  become the best versions of ourselves - that day. And then do it again the next day.
2. What do you love best about Defy Gravity?
I love the community that has unfolded at Defy. We have the BEST members. When I watch veteran Defiers welcome and encourage new people into the tribe, so to speak, it’s amazing.
3. Do you workout when you're not in the studio?  
If I am not scheduled to be in the studio, you will find me in there anyway taking a class from one of our amazing instructors. Otherwise, you can see me all over CDM walking my dog Bella.

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