Awaken Your Body

If you have been to Defy you know that we love our Bodhi Suspension System!! But did you know where it came from? Or why it works so great?

Bodhi in Sanskrit means “to awaken” and the Bodhi does exactly that, it awakens our bodies to their true physical potential.  The Bodhi stimulates the deep support system in the body to create integrated, functional, and fluid movement.  With its 4 independent points of suspension it creates an environment like no other: where balance, strength, and flexibility work together to create more active, more alive exercise experience.

Who created the Bodhi?

Khita Whyatt, a Pilates instructor who had an accident that left her with a shearing injury, damaging the connections between the two hemispheres of her brain and impeding communications between them.  This injury left her significantly paralyzed on her left side. She also lost the ability to contract her deep deep muscle layers, especially the transverse abdominus.

With her background teaching Pilates, Khita was not only aware of the severity of her injury but played as active role in conceptualizing and managing the return of her health.   Khita began designing a suspension system that would be most beneficial to her recovery.  She knew she needed to re-engage the non-responsive deep and mid layer muscles without being able to consciously feel or contract them.  She understood she needed a system that required muscles to contract involuntarily and that system became a pair of ropes and GRAVITY!

By using ropes to move in and out of alignment with gravity, Khita could stimulate her deepest muscles to “hug the bones” and provide support to the joints.  By turning on the body’s righting relax that corrects the orientation of the body when it is taken out of its normal upright position, Khita was able to reeducate the neuromuscular system to fire a coordinated fashion.

Khita’s rehabilitation was very successful!  Her work on the Bodhi Suspension System helped to reconnect her body to her mind and to rewire her musculoskeletal system by engaging her nervous system as it’s deepest level.

The Bodhi's potential knows no bounds. Whether you are recovering from an injury or wanting to change your body, Defy's Bodhi classes are designed to do it all.

Awaken YOUR body and create new muscles you didn’t know existed in Defy Gravity's Bodhi classes!

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