Cycle w/ Bands

Cycle w/ Bands is a dynamic combination of high intensity cardio and sculpting in one class! The first 40 minutes is dedicated to straight cycling that focuses on watts and achieving a high caloric burn. Our trainers will take you through a dynamic course set to an energetic music playlist that will make you push yourself to the limit. For the final 5 minutes of class, you switch to an upright posture – while keeping your legs going! – and engage in upper body and core work using resistance bands suspended from the ceiling. Cycle w/ Bands is a unique approach to cycling that offers a lower AND upper body workout and will melt some serious fat!

Pilates Solution

Our Pilates Solution class is split evenly between the reformer and EXO Chair. While most pilates classes spend the entire hour on one piece of equipment – often the reformer – we know that switching up apparatuses offers numerous different types of exercises and keeps the body AND the client from getting bored! The reformer delivers a vigorous workout that stretches and strengthens while transforming how your body looks, feels and performs. The EXO Chair provides a unique workout using incredible resistance springs placed strategically to work your muscles in a completely new way and tighten your core. Over time, your body will lengthen and tone and your posture will reap great benefits.

Purely Reformer

Purely Reformer is a 55 minute pilates class conducted entirely on our beautiful and cutting edge Allergro® 2 Reformers. The Allergro® 2 is the latest release in pilates technology and was engineered to provide versatility, ease of use and rigorous training. The functionality of the Allergro® 2 unearths another dimension of movement allowing for an unparalleled and comprehensive variety of exercises. The Purely Reformer class will work your deepest muscles for optimal strength and posture. This 55 minute session will be both challenging and therapeutic and is limited to only 8 students to maximize instruction.

Advanced Reformer

Take your Pilates to the next level in this 55 minute class on our state-of-the-art Allegro® 2 Reformers. Clients should have the Pilates fundamentals perfected before taking this class as it includes advanced repertoire with a fast-paced energy that is sure to challenge your strength, flexibility and endurance. Be ready to move, sweat and push yourself!

The Split

The Split class combines 30 minutes of heart-pumping, calorie-burning cycling and combines it with 30 minutes of lengthening and strengthening pilates for the ultimate workout hour. While many people worry about getting in their cardio along with their strength training, The Split takes care of that for you! Get your burn and your sculpting done in 60 short minutes and leave feeling like you can fly!

Pilates Jump & Pump

Our Pump & Jump class is uniquely designed to burn calories and develop long lean muscles at the same time. This total body conditioning starts on the EXO chair, elongating and toning and then moves to the Allegro 2 Reformer where you raise your heart-rate and burn calories jumping with our innovative hand weight and band routine guaranteed to squeeze the most out of every minute.

Cycle Sculpt

Our Cycle Sculpt class is the perfect union of total body cycling and resistance training to sculpt your arms and core work to chisel your abs. All of this in an impressive 45 minutes.

Strictly Chair

What set Defy Gravity apart from the rest is our EXO Chair. Our 55 minute Strictly Chair class delivers a unique and fun, full body workout using resistance cords to do a host of exercises not possible with any other chair. You’ll target abs, glutes, arms and core while improving posture and balance. Creating a winning combination for maximum results.

Express Reformer

Developed for members on the go, this 30 minute class packs in all the essentials on the Allegro 2 Reformer. It’s designed to help trim trouble zones and rev the metabolism!