The Good Sweat!

Detoxing has become very popular buzz word, from juice detoxing, to detox diets, to over-hyped products that add detox to its name.  But the truth is your body has already has a process that detoxes you!

“The primary detox organs are the liver and kidneys, but sometimes they’re not able to get rid of certain toxins because the load is too large,” says Manhattan-based functional medicine physician Jeffrey Morrison, MD on  “What doesn’t leave gets stored in the fat, so the body gets rid of it through a secondary system, which is sweat.”

Exercising is an important part of any detoxification program.  Moving the body creates the conditions for the body to breath, stretch, circulate, and sweat.  Always remember to drink lots of water during an exercise that you sweat a lot so the skin can sweat and kidneys can effectively filter toxins.  By increasing your water intake, as well as increasing your heart and breathing rate, your body can more effectively flush out unwanted toxins, fats, and waste.

It is always important to remember just because a room is hot and you sweat more doesn’t mean your detoxifying your body.  Many studios now turn up the heat or don’t put on the AC so you have the illusion that you are working harder than you are because you are sweaty. But in fact, your body is not able to detoxify or work harder because it is fighting to keep your body temperature down.

The best types of exercise for detoxing is aerobic since it gets the body moving, heart pumping, and the lungs breathing deeply but within the fat-burning zone.  Get sweaty and detox in Defy's Pilates, Bodhi and of course, any of our Cycle classes!

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