Purely Reformer is our 55 minute Pilates class conducted entirely on our beautiful and cutting edge Allergro® 2 Reformers. This reformer takes your workout to a whole new level. The footbar has the ability to move up and down the length of the reformer ensuring you make the most out of every minute. Our Purely Reformer class will work your deepest muscles for optimal strength and toning. With a focus on form this class will be both challenging for the body and therapeutic for the mind and is limited to only 8 students to maximize instruction.





The Split is Defy’s signature class that combines 30 minutes of heart-pumping, calorie-burning cycling and 30 minutes of lengthening, sculpting and the unique core conditioning of the Bodhi, delivering the elusive total-body workout. While many people worry about having the time to get in their cardio along with their strength training, The Split is the best of both worlds. Boost your metabolism and tone every inch of your body in 60 short minutes.






The one-of-a kind Bodhi Suspension, also known as the suspension-Pilates workout, perfectly combines strength, balance, flexibility and unique core conditioning. Spend 45 minutes sweating, sculpting and suspending on the world’s first 4 point suspension system - 2 handles and 2 foot loops on two independent ropes. Loved by supermodels and NFL players alike, now it’s your turn to work HARD from head to toe, channel your inner athlete and say hello to long lean limbs.




Cycle w/ Bands is a dynamic combination of high intensity cardio and sculpting in one class! The first 40 minutes is dedicated to a straight ride for a high caloric burn. Defy’s instructors will lead you through a dynamic course set to beat pulsing playlist that will inspire you to push yourself to the limit. For the final 5 minutes of class, you switch to an upright posture and sculpt your arms and core using resistance bands suspended from the ceiling. Cycle w/ Bands is a unique approach to cycling that offers a lower AND upper body workout and will melt some serious fat!



Our NEW Pilates Solution class is split evenly between the world’s first four point Bodhi Suspension System and the Allegro 2. You start on the one-of-a kind Bodhi Suspension that challenges you in a 3 dimensional platform and combines cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and unique core conditioning. Next is the Allegro 2, where you tone, lengthen and lean out your body. The perfect class to train your body as a whole for the perfect results.