Testimonial Tuesday – MARAIA

As you know at Defy Gravity we are Addicted to Results! #AddictedToResults

When Maraia first walked into Defy Gravity she was new to the area, super sweet, and eager to get started on her first goals. She shared them with us and we worked with her to find the best workout schedule and classes to meet her needs. She was ready to give it her all!

As great as goals are (they got her to walk in the door!) we told her to focus on her intensions, find joy in the process, and stay the course!

Here’s her story...

I had my first child in 2005 and gained 70lbs with her! I lost 50lbs within the year, but NOTHING has worked to lose the last 20 despite multiple attempts at dieting and exercise throughout the last decade - until I found the incredible ladies of Defy Gravity!

I enjoy activities that have a point, such as sports, hiking, biking (outdoors), etc. and have never enjoyed exercise just for the sake of exercise so was reluctant to try and get into another exercise regimen that I expected to not keep up. As a working mom, I also needed to find something that would give me the biggest bang for my buck as time for myself is precious and rare.

After my first cycle class with Laura I was so motivated (and continue to be!).  She hit just the right tone of motivation for me - taking you as far as you think you can go... and then a bit further! I love how she and Shannon (and all the other trainers) are able to gently, but firmly, push you out of your comfort zone to achieve maximum results.

And I have found results! I still have another 8lbs or so before I will consider myself done; however, I am happy to say I've lost 20lbs (and 2 dress sizes) over the last 4 months! Yahoo!

It was NOT easy. In fact, it was a really rough start!

For the first 10 weeks I hadn't lost a single pound despite working out 5-6 days a week - Ugh!  It was so discouraging, but they assured me if I stuck with it, sooner or later, my body would have to cry uncle and I would begin to see results. There were moments when I was extremely skeptical but I enjoyed the classes, was feeling better overall and getting stronger, so I stuck with it and expanded into the Pilates and Bodhi training. And then like magic it just began to melt off!

Last week I bought a pair of jeans at my pre-baby weight!! Wow! Thrilled!

I have no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't found these ladies with their outstanding leadership skills, friendly demeanor and high expectations, I would not have even achieved this result let alone feel entirely confident that I will reach my final goal - and be able to keep it!

Defy Gravity is a rare gem.  I couldn't recommend them more highly!  Come see for yourself.


Find your journey and results at Defy Gravity!



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