We are deep into January of the New Year. So, how are those 2016 goals coming along? Most people start strong, hang on for about a good 3 weeks, don’t see the end results they wanted and slowly fall away. You know what I mean. “i’m going to lose 3 pound this week”. Does this sound familiar?  Well what happens when you don’t lose those 3 pounds that week? We all know the answer to that. We throw in the towel and along the way, beat ourselves up for falling short. So let’s put away the pencil and paper with all our goals on it. There’s a better way.

Use the power of a goal to do what it’s supposed to do: Get You Started. Visualize it and then let the long term mission fade into the background a little and revel in the process instead. That’s right, I said REVEL. Find the joy in the process.

Staying focused exclusively on just your “goals” spoils the inherent pleasure of the activities we need to pursue those goals in the first place.  In turn, that makes us far more likely to drop out. Still not convinced? A study was recently conducted on 2 groups of treadmill runners. Group 1 could only focus on the goal of how far they had to run. Group 2 focused on their experience and intentions. Group 1 “planned” on working out more than they actually did. Group 2 wound up working longer and harder than Group 1.

Let’s do what actually works. INTENTIONS.

One of my favorite new pleasures is a show called “I’ll Have What Phil Is Having” (Netflix if you’re interested). I love this show. It’s about Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everyone Loves Raymond”, traveling to various places around world and eating the local cuisine. But it’s so much more. He finds so much joy and gratitude in meeting people who share their craft with him. In this case, their amazing food. The man openly wept after tasting gelato. That’s being in the moment. And yes, it’s easy to find joy in something that is creamy and probably one of the most delicious things on the planet. But what if we could find joy in trying something new, find joy in doing something that is hard but we try it anyway. Find the joy in getting stronger and yes, fitter. That’s our Process.

Success is always tied to action but action is always tied to our thoughts, our intentions.

What are your intentions? Not for the year, not for the month. What is your intentions for this moment?  Ignore the big picture goals and focus on dominating the task at hand whether it’s a hill, a sprint, leg circles, or anything on those Bodhi ropes, or just showing up.

2016, The Year of Intentions.

“You could have the time of your life if you just go to the party - go to the party” - Phil Rosenthal.

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