DG Wedding Transformation: Lindsey

Few things bring a more overwhelming sense of joy to our studio than when one of our clients gets engaged to be married! Seeing their inner sparkle shine through with the excitement of what their future holds is something that never gets old for us. And it's amazing to see how their wonderful news sparks a collective enthusiasm amongst all of our clients.

It's also amazing to see the renewed sense of focus in our brides-to-be! Who doesn't have fitness goals for their wedding day? Knowing that the pictures from the big day will be cherished for the rest of your life is a little nerve wracking. So, naturally, our newly engaged clients come to us with their wedding day goals and, naturally, we are THRILLED to be a part of their journey. We've had the privilege of helping quite a few brides prepare for their dresses, and the results have been so fantastic we want to share some of their stories. Our first Wedding Transformation story is Lindsey Ensign -- a girl with a mission! Read to find out how Lindsey used Pilates and cycle to not only get wedding-dress-ready but to maintain her amazing shape post-wedding!

When did you get engaged and how soon after was the wedding?
Kyle and I got engaged on January 21st. We were married almost exactly 9 months later on October 20th 2012.

At what point did you realize you wanted to focus on getting in shape for the wedding?
Pretty much immediately after we got engaged, because I knew dress shopping was around the corner!

What were your specific fitness goals?
I wanted to really focus on leaning out and toning my arms and back, because my dress was strapless and those areas would be heavily featured. I also wanted to focus on healthy eating, which was definitely the most difficult for me.

Why did you choose to work toward those goals at Defy Gravity?
My mom actually bought me my first package so we could work on getting ready for the wedding together. Once I started I was hooked. I loved the combo of spin and the Pilates; it was challenging, which kept me from being bored and I started to see results immediately. And once Laura, Shannon, Jen and all of the girls heard about my wedding transformation goals, they were extremely supportive and really helped me focus. I felt like I was on a team and was excited to go into the studio.

What was your regimen in preparation for the Big Day?
For the first few months I would do 2-3 classes a week; 1 Split class and 1 Pilates Solution class AT LEAST. My eating in the first few months focused on being disciplined during the week, avoiding gluten and sweets (sweets are my kryptonite) and then I would ease up on the weekends. This meant the occasional dessert or maybe a slice of pizza, but never going overboard.

Once the summer months hit, for multiple reasons (wedding AND bikini season) I started doing 3-5 classes a week, 2 Pilates Solution, 1 Split and 1 Cycle w/Bands. For the 3 months before the wedding, I kept the same work out regimen, but became much more disciplined with my eating. Some days I would replace lunch with a juice or smoothie and almonds. I focused on lean protein and veggies for dinner. Of course, when family arrived the week of the wedding I eased up a little. That’s a time to celebrate, not diet!

How did you keep up the motivation during your transformation?
This is going to sound a little corny, but I had a few photos of me in my dress the day I found it. Whenever I was too tried to work out or was feeling the temptation from the Fro Yo place down the street, I would pull it up on my phone. This made me excited about the day to come and would snap me out of my funk!


When did you start seeing improvements?
I started to see a difference in my arms and abs almost immediately. By July and August, my trouble areas (my butt and thighs) that have never changed no matter how hard I tried were actually getting smaller and more toned!

Did your husband notice the change?
Definitely!! He was doing his whole pre wedding prep as well, so it was great to have a partner in crime avoiding the ice cream aisle in the grocery store.

Did you feel at any point that the mission was accomplished, or was the transformation a seemingly endless endeavor?
The day of my wedding, I felt absolutely amazing and seeing the photos from the day made me appreciate all my hard work. However, today almost 9 months after my wedding, I feel like I’m in even better shape.

So, you’ve worked to maintain your results post-wedding?
Yes! I still frequent Defy Gravity 2 to 3 times a week. And for eating, I wouldn’t say that I’m on a diet, but I’m always conscious of what I eat and keep a mental food diary every day. If I’m good at lunch, maybe I’ll have another glass of wine. If I’m tempted by a doughnut in the office, I’ll try to get higher watts in Cycle w/Bands that afternoon.

How did Defy Gravity help you to achieve your transformation goals?
They worked with me. I felt like all the girls were on my team. They loved hearing about all the planning and all of the fun things leading up to the wedding.  They were so great in encouraging me and keeping motivated. Looking back on it, it was really fun and I couldn’t imagine trying to do it without them.

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