Shannon Barbadian and Laura Fox first met 10 years ago as pilates trainers at a studio on Balboa Island and made an instant connection on fitness philosophy. For them, it wasn’t about employing the latest exercise fads, but tailoring tried and true methods tailor to their clients’ specific needs and goals. The girls soon began sharing fitness tips and Shannon – a cycling instructor extraordinaire – introduced Laura to her favorite form of cardio. After attending numerous cycling classes together, they found that the combination of pilates and indoor cycling were doing amazing things for their health and wellness – not to mention, their bodies!

While cycling was giving them intense cardio conditioning, pilates was providing resistance, flexibility and strength training. And, most importantly to the girls, both forms of exercises allowed for maximum activity and never required them to remain still! After years of driving all around town to get from cycling to pilates classes, the girls saw the need for a local studio that married the two and decided to create Defy Gravity Studio.

Shannon and Laura are excited to bring to gorgeous Corona Del Mar a studio that combines the best of cardio and resistance training with an environment that is very focused, welcoming and has a strong sense of community. The schedule is heavily class based to encourage a sense of team, because – let’s face it – it’s easier to get through an intense work out when you have a team of people fighting with you. The classes are taught by seasoned fitness professionals with equal experience in class instruction and personal training. This ensures that classes are conducted with the perfect energy while each student is given a proper amount of personal attention.

Defy Gravity Studio is a workout sanctuary where you can come in, get moving, know that you’re getting a fantastic workout, have a good time doing it and be on your way to tackle the rest of the day. We look forward to doing our part in keeping the community active, healthy and loving life!