Monthly Archives: August 2016

Find Your Inner Strength

Inner strength. Getting what you want from your workout, your  job and your life takes mental strength. Here's how to find yours! Imagine yourself in a Defy cycle class, you're exhausted but your coach tells you to add gear because we are going up an intense hill! You could pretend to add gear, after all…
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Is Bodhi Barre Better Than Barre? You Bet!

Barre class have been all the rage. This ballet inspired workout incorporates ballet moves into a sweaty and fun fitness class. Defy's NEW Bodhi Barre class is redefining the typical barre workout and taking it to the next level! Instead of using a stable ballet bar, we use our Bodhi suspension ropes. This is the…
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Why Cycle?

You've probably seen the packed dark rooms of a cycling class, loud music, and an overly excited instructor! If you been on a bike in one of these class you know you are going to work hard and leave stronger! If you haven’t been, you are probably wondering what all the buzz is about. Here…
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