Monthly Archives: March 2016

What is my core and how do I engage it?

“Zip up those jeans.” “Put a pair of jeans two sizes too small.” “Pull your ribs down to your hips.” And last but certainly not least, Defy's signature cue "Pull your armpits down". If you have been to a Defy Gravity class then you have heard these cues. Believe it or not these are more…
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Simply Roast Chicken & Creamless Artichoke Soup Recipes!

We love our members at Defy Gravity! They are incredibly driven and have amazing talents, this is definitely the case with Lauren Arabia. Lauren is a professionally trained chef who spends some of her time teaching others how to make great things in their kitchens without overcomplicating it. Life is stressful, cooking shouldn't be.  As…
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Feel the Burn! And the “After-Burn”

Have you heard of the term “after-burn”? We briefly spoke about it in our last blog post about Tabatas.  After-burn occurs when someone engages in “vigorous” exercise they continue to burn calories even post workout. For example, a 45 minute vigorous exercise increases metabolic rate for 14 hours.  So your latest cardio workout can keep…
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